BOPP 2015 Conference Presentation

esseCI Flame Treaters giving a presentation during last BOPP 2015 Conference in Berlin

bopp 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been great to me seeing you again or meeting you for the first time, this week in Berlin.

The BOPP 2015 Conference has been amazing, a unique occasion to meet each other, share our knowledges and discuss on the BOPP market and its world.

I am attaching here, for your convenience, the presentation that I gave, as well as my comments and explanations on its pages.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon again!




Summary presentation

  1. Flame chemistry and oxidation mechanism. Comparison with corona treatment

  2. Flame treatment system components and last developments

  3. Differentiend double burner system

  4. WET & DRY process

  5. Enriched flame process


You can dowload documents and

… thanks for share !


BOPP 2015 Presentation

BOPP2015 presentation comments

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