The adventure started 50 years ago

Nothing was definite or certain and no one knew or could predict what the future held.
No matter how great and exciting they are, usually adventures have either a happy or a sad ending.
Ours, from what I sense and can perceive 50 years down the line, is far from over and I’m sure will never be.

When I started my entrepreneurial career, like most of those who make the same choice, I had no idea of what to expect from the future.

When Giulio Lori, the other founding partner, and I started developing our flame treatment process for plastic materials, we thought we would find support in the sector’s scientific literature and academic knowledge, but this was not the case.

We soon realised that we had set off on an adventure that went beyond the scientific knowledge of the time.

But with the reckless grit and determination that has always defined us, we immediately started experimenting and testing what books had yet to print.

We found ourselves navigating uncharted and troubled waters, urged by a marked that kept asking for increasingly high performances.

We stubbornly tried to meet its demands in order not to be cut out from investments and survive, while also conducting research at our own expense.

We acquired our knowledge slowly, amid the uncertainty of experimental data and testing, hard to carry out on our plants located across the world (now more than 1000).
Our own clients denied us access, and often still do, concerned about leaking information, which they consider a technical advantage and therefore must be kept hidden from the competition.

Today, our scientific and technological knowledge, incomparably superior to when we started, has led us to be recognised as world leaders in the surface flame process for plastic and other materials, while imitation attempts have failed time and time again.

Over the years, we have never stopped introducing new improvements. Just to mention the most recent:
complete control of the process using PLC, remote control of the plants around the world, lambda-probe analysis of the composition of the fuel mixture.

However, the toughest challenges continue to be the automatic in-line level of the surface flame treatment and the use of enriched mixtures to manage the increasingly “extreme” performances our plants are required to provide.

So, we continue researching a process that never ceases to surprise us with its COMPLEXITY, but also with its AMAZING FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY TO ALL MATERIALS, and to study its interaction with the numerous different polymer and composite materials that our potential customers keep presenting us with.

We are not scared of the difficulties ahead: our successors are also aware that they will have to face and overcome them.

This is the essence of the human spirit, only satisfied when facing the continuous challenge of infinity, in which it is both actor and spectator of an endless adventure.”

From the book “L’isola della fiamma (The island of the flame)”, by EsseCi founding partner Augusto Angel