In the plastic film production lines where is request to flame system to work in a very wide speed operation range is very useful to have two burner /mixture generator. Just one burner /mixture generator don’t have possibilty working from 50 mpm to 500 mpm.

This because we size our system respect to highest speed; he means to stress material treated at lowest speed

It makes non sense to use same energy output when:

  •  speed is one third of maximum
  •  web thickness is half then previous
  •  changes the production type (plain film is harder to be treated and needs more energy then heat sensibility film like coex o white opaque film)

EsseCI has introduced the DDBS (Differentiated Double Burner System) that is a double burner but where the two burners typically do not work simultaneously, but one per time: one smaller in dimension /capacity/power that work with lower speed (for example from 50 to 200 mpm) and the other bigger for work at higher speed (300 mpm to 500 mpm).

Burner n°1 is equipped with a narrower grid and with less powerful mixture generator then the second


DDBS allows to use exactly energy necessary for the actual line speed, avoiding to use too much energy.
Having each burner exactly sized for its final application, allows to save energy (up to 40% less than SDBS) and don’t stress thermally the web.


Working windows for the two burners are partially overlapped, so if there is an issue with one burner, you can still work with the other one, without need stop production, having the freedom to decide when stopping the line for maintenace


The difference price between SSBS and DDBS is not high, considering that with DDBS you have two burner heads, two mixture generator for have the maximum flexibility production