What’s flame treatment remote supervision?

It’s a dream for any operator; the ultimate dream of any operator is to have the complete machine control anywhere, anytime, simply opening a laptop, a tablet,  a smartphone and with few clicks stay with her/his display, like in front of flame treater touch panel, to check running conditions, change set-points, view trends, read alarms.
Today, on esseCI flame treater plants,  this dream is coming true !
Thanks to the cloud connectivity supplied by an industrial router successfully adopted since September 2015.
This Router is designed  to be flexbile and so able to match the various configuration of new and old plants.

An easy description of Router principle is that it works as gateway between  two sides:

  • One LAN side (Local Access Network) to be connected with the esseCI machine
  • One WAN side (Worldwide Access Network) to be connected with any internet connection available in the factory

The data read on the LAN side are immediately transmitted on  the WAN side and allocated on Router memory, readable by a cloud service.
Working in this cloud service environment esseCI create HTML pages to manage and organize the data to let them be read using daylife devices.
Today (Oct 2016) three esseCI plants located in three different continents, are minute by minute remote monitored on esseCI smartphones.
esseCI is looking forward to install this Router on each old a new plant (old plants with Siemens S7 CPU at least. Supervision on Siemens S5 is not possible, sorry….).

What is requested to the Customer:

  • To pull an Ethenet cable enabled to go in internet inside esseCI board or to provide a Wi-Fi internet connection
  • To open its firewall doors TCP443 and UDP 1194 specifying cloud address and domain (address and domain are informations supplied by esseCI)

Router is installed on DIN rail and 24 VDC power supplied. Router is shipped from esseCI  already configured. It must be connected on LAN side with esseCI CPU (typically MPI connection on old plants, Profinet connection on new plants). Once powered up, if firewall rules are respected, as soon as the Router find a valid connection to internet, it admit itself to the cloud service with the final result that Customer has its machine remotely controlled without having payed neither the service of an esseCI technician on site!