Flame Treatment For 3D Object

In general all plastic objects in PP, PE or PET. That have irregular shapes can be easily treated, thanks to a large variety of  suitable EsseCI burners for surface heat treatment.
This is to prepare the material for the successive processing of:

  • Painting
  • Metallization
  • Print
  • Adhesion of glues or foam
Advantage and benefits
  • Uniform surface treatment with a level greater than 72 dyne
  • Level of adhesion between layers lasting over time
  • Speed of treatment very high
  • NO surface changhes or optical appearance
  • Possibility of elimination solvent and using waater based paint
  • Reduction or elimination of primer layer
  • Extremely low production and maintenance costs
  • Elimination of the need for surface activator

The main industrial applications are by Robots and by Mechanical Reciprocators.

1.In the first case (by Robots) the burner is mounted and moved on the robot arm, programmable, like those used for painting, where the burner replace the sprayer gun.

2.In the second case (by Mechanical Reciprocators) the burner is placed in a fixed position and the flaming part is running over a conveyor.
The winning technological solution is represented by the system set up by our Company and improved during the time, with the introduction of the variable flame length, which allows to follow the shape of each piece to be treated; so each point is flamed with exact and adequate intensity and uniformity.

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