Flame Treatment For 3D Object

Generally, any plastic object in PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) or PET (polyester) can be easily treated even if it has an irregular shape thanks to a wide variety of burners produced by EsseCI that are suitable for surface flame treatment.

  • Painting
  • Metallization
  • Print
  • Adhesion of glues or foam
Advantage and benefits include
  • Uniform surface treatment with a level greater than 72 dyne/cm
  • The level of adhesion between layers lasts over time
  • Fast treatment times
  • No surface or visual alteration
  • Possibility of eliminating solvent and using water-based paint
  • Reduction or elimination of the layer of primer
  • Extremely low production and maintenance costs
  • No need to activate the surface

The main industrial applications are by Robots and by Mechanical Reciprocators.

1.With robotic applications, the burner is mounted and moved by a programmable robotic arm, just like those used for painting but with the burner in place of the spray gun.

2.For Mechanical Reciprocators, the burner is placed in a fixed position, with the flame operating over a conveyor.
The winning technological solution set up by our Company and improved over time comes, for example, through the introduction of a variable flame length that is able to follow the shape of each piece being treated. This results in each point being flamed with the exact and proper intensity and uniformity.

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