Flame Treatment For Sheet Metal ( Anti Flecking Treatment )

During the production process of sheet metal (aluminum foil or similar), residues of working can remain on the surface, like oils, grease or other polluting substances.

Flame treatment allows to degrease and / or clean the surface from pollutants that can contaminate the surface, preparing the surface prior to further coating. This allows that promotes adhesion and thus coating durability.

The Anti Flecking flame station system is usually situated on the coating line prior to the size coating being applied. This technology ensures optimal coupling with plastic coating, with high quality visual results.

  • Removal of Forming Oil and Grease
  • Pre-Warming of Surface
Main Applications
  • Tin, Aluminium, Steel Sheet
  • Increased Coating Durability
  • Improved Appearance of Print
  • No ozone Emissions
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