EsseCi and Fraunhofer Cooperation

EsseCI and Fraunhofer Cooperation EsseCI and Fraunhofer IAP joined forces to advance the application of flames for polymer film surface treatment. Advanced flame treatment technology provides higher levels of surface energy and extends the range of chemical functionalities of the film surfaces for superior bond of lacquers, inks and adhesives without the need for any…

PAINT EXPO 22 Karlsruhe

PAINT EXPO 22 Karlsruhe

FAIR PAINT / EXPO 22 KARLSRUHE from 24 to 29 APRIL 2022 The italian company esseCI srl has been a consolidated reality in flame surface treatment technology for over 50 years. Our fully-automatic EI 180 series, semiautomatic EI 070, and manual EI 080Q systems allow a perfect process management of the combustion parameters, to obtain…


In the plastic film production lines where is request to flame system to work in a very wide speed operation range is very useful to have two burner /mixture generator.