EsseCI and Fraunhofer Cooperation

EsseCI and Fraunhofer IAP joined forces to advance the application of flames for polymer film surface treatment. Advanced flame treatment technology provides higher levels of surface energy and extends the range of chemical functionalities of the film surfaces for superior bond of lacquers, inks and adhesives without the need for any adhesion-promoting primer. It also provides greater durability of the treatment.



The new technological approach uses the flame for surface activation and as an energy source for further reactions of the additional agents with the surface. The additives can be supplied with a modified flame treater that facilitates the application of gases and aerosols of non-hazardous chemicals.
This technology can:

  •  increase the durability of the surface activation of polymer materials;
  •  enable the functionalisation of surfaces with a wide range of chemical functional groups;
  •  result in a higher density of specific functional groups;
  •  provide superior adhesion properties.

Whilst the simple activation is based on oxygen functional groups, the introduction of other chemical elements gives rise to specific properties that result, for example, in an increased reactivity towards adhesives or improved adhesion of inks and metals.

The application of adhesion-promoting primers can be avoided and a good adhesion achieved in cases whereby lassical activation fails.

Fraunhofer IAP


Fraunhofer is the leading organisation for applied research in Europe, with 72 institutes, 26,660 employees and an annual budget of 2.5 billion euro.
The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP develops materials, processes and products that are tailored to meet the special requirements of polymer applications. The surface technology group has extensive experience in the surface functionalisation of polymers for a wide variety of applications.