Flame Treatment System for Plastic Film

The most important and biggest Company in the world are using Polarized Flame Treatment from ESSECI srl in many applications as:

  • BOPP Plane film (Homopolymer film)

  • Heat sealables and Coextruded films

  • White opaque films

  • Pearlized films

  • Synthetic paper

  • Metallized films (for high barrier effect)

  • COEX

  • CAST PP films

  • PET films

  • PE films

Flame treatment improves adhesion for:

  • adhesive tapes

  • molding

  • metallization

  • lamination

  • coating

  • painting

An adequate exhaust system, an appropriate burner grill, and our roller, allow to obtain a film that has no superficial optical imperfection.

Since ozone is not produced, the film is not even contaminated by any odor after the treatment; this is another very important factor, especially considering the fact that a large part of film production is intended for food packaging.

Advantages and benefitis

  • Special Execution with 2 Burners

  • Improved barrier and Sealing Propertires (Depending on the Chemical Formulation)

  • Very High treatment level

  • Very High production speed

  • Stable adhesion after long time storage

  • No backside treatment

  • No ink on unprinted area