The manufacturer of surface flame treatment systems for extrusion lines, converter lines and the automotive industry

EsseCI operates in the field of design, construction and installation of Systems for the Surface Treatment of Materials using the Flame

Flame Treatment

Some material, like plastics, have inert and non-porous chemical surfaces that make them non-receptive to the anchoring of substrates such as printing inks, adhesives and coatings.

The flame increases the surface tension (wettability) of the material so as to prepare it for subsequent applications such as: printing, painting, dyeing, gluing, coating, lacquering, adhesive tapes, metallization, lamination and so on.

This process mainly consists in passing flame controlled (in composition, speed and distance) over the surface of the material to be treated. Flame treatment can be used to improve the adhesion capacity of all plastics as well as some non-plastic materials including aluminium, paper or metallised products generally

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Why choose flame treatment?
Flame VS Corona, Plasma, Primer Application, Acid Cleaning

Discover the advantages of flame treatment compared to Corona Treatment, Plasma Treatment, Primer Application, Acid Cleaning

  • Permanent And Uniform Treatment
  • Maximum Performance Of Level Treatment (Over 50 Dyne)
  • Adhesion Also On Film Edges
  • No Coating Delamination
  • No Thermal-mechanical Stress Of Material
  • No Corrugation
  • Increase Of Barrier Effect
  • Unchanged Optical Properties
  • Best Hot-tack Properties In Resistance To Welding
  • Cooled Web Winding Rolls: Keeping Optimum Temperature And Umidity conditions
  • Paper Skin Burn: No Spolving
  • Surface Cleaning From Oils And Contaminations
  • Minimum Vapor On The Substrate
  • High Speed Production
  • Minimum Waste Production
  • Environment Respect: No Ozone Production
Our Solutions

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Internal Laboratory for Tests on Materials
EsseCI offers potential customers the chance to avail of the internal laboratory to perform treatment tests on any type of material.

Types of coil materials


Test line for AUTOMOTIVE and 3D Object

For 3D objects with variable profiles, it is possible to carry out treatment tests with manual burners.

It is also possible to simulate a production line for linear profiles and 3D objects with our Mechanical Reciprocators.
To meet our customer’s needs, EsseCi’s internal technical office is able to develop a range of construction solutions for burners, mix generators and treatment stations.

Do you want to test your material to discover the advantages of flame treatment?

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Would you like to receive more information about the solutions for the flame treatment? Please fill in the contact form