Il costruttore di sistemi di trattamento superficiali alla fiamma


The Surface Flame Treatment System

EsseCi operates in the field of design, construction and installation of Systems for the Surface Treatment of Materials using the Flame

The flame treatment can be used to improve the adhesion capacity of all plastics as well as some non-plastic materials: aluminum and paper or metallized in general...


EsseCi Flame Treatment for Converting Industry

Converting Industry

EsseCi Flame Treatment for Food Packaging

Food Packaging

EsseCi Flame Treatment for automotive

Automotive Industry

EsseCi Flame Treatment for construction

Construction Sector

EsseCi Flame Treatment for Adhesive Tapes Industry

Adhesive Tapes Industry

EsseCi Flame Treatment for 3d Object

3d Object

EsseCi Flame Treatment for Electronic Components

Electronic Components

EsseCi Flame Treatment for Special Application

Special Application

Flame VS Other Treatments
Discover the advantages of flame treatment compared to Corona, Primer, Plasma and Acid treatment…
Test your material
EsseCI makes available to potential customers the internal laboratory to perform treatment tests on any type of material…
Flame Treatment Applications
The materials can be treated are: Plastic materials, paper, cardboard, metallized cardboards and aluminium laminated sheet and others to discover together…

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FTA Member

EsseCI has become a new member of the FTA

EsseCI has become a new member of the FTA We are proud to announce that EsseCI has become a member of the FLEXOGRAPHIC TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION. Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) is the premier destination for flexography training, articles, events and other resources. Since 1958, FTA has been providing the means to an end: Enabling flexographers to…

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EsseCi at FORUM & INFOFLEX 2024

EsseCI will be present at FORUM & INFOFLEX 2024 with its process manager Stefano Mancinelli No Promoters for Immediate Ink Adhesion on Poly Films—How Is It Possible? NH-FT technology focuses on an upgraded surface flame treatment process on polyolefin (PP, PE) and PET substrates, among others. Learn how the application of high-surface energy can promote…

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EsseCi and Fraunhofer Cooperation

EsseCI and Fraunhofer Cooperation EsseCI and Fraunhofer IAP joined forces to advance the application of flames for polymer film surface treatment. Advanced flame treatment technology provides higher levels of surface energy and extends the range of chemical functionalities of the film surfaces for superior bond of lacquers, inks and adhesives without the need for any…

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European R2R network

European R2R network

European R2R network offers workshop on climate-friendly roll-to-roll production technologies In order to achieve the urgently needed climate neutrality in industry and the socienty as quickly as possible, energy requirements must be reduced and resources used more efficiently than before. Many industrial manufacturing processes will have to change significantly to achieve this. In the “R2R…

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PAINT EXPO 22 Karlsruhe

PAINT EXPO 22 Karlsruhe

FAIR PAINT / EXPO 22 KARLSRUHE from 24 to 29 APRIL 2022 The italian company esseCI srl has been a consolidated reality in flame surface treatment technology for over 50 years. Our fully-automatic EI 180 series, semiautomatic EI 070, and manual EI 080Q systems allow a perfect process management of the combustion parameters, to obtain…

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Innova Food Tech 2020 con EsseCI Flame Treatment

Siete interessati all’industria alimentare e delle bevande? Confrontatevi con i massimi esperti del settore attraverso il nuovo format Innova Food Tech 2020/2021! Cliccando qui potete vedere tutti gli interventi al workshop: “Trattamenti superficiali innovativi negli impianti per la produzione alimentare e delle bevande” Tra i protagonisti ci sono: CESARE PIERPAOLO DE PALMA , Correra Corinna , Francesco Librandi , Agostino Macrì…

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